Often asked: How To Apply For A Job At General Motors?

What degree do you need to work at GM?

Education. All general managers will need to have a high school diploma at the minimum. Depending on what industry they work in, many employers strongly prefer a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field. Select companies may also require a candidate to have a Masters in Business Administration degree.

How old do you have to be to work at General Motors?

21 I believe is the requirement in order to work there.

Do you need a diploma to work at GM?

Do I need a high school diploma or GED to work at General Motors? At this time, candidates are not required to have a high school diploma or GED to obtain an hourly job with General Motors.

How much do temps make at GM?

Today’s temps will earn a flat rate of $16.67 an hour; they can be laid off at any time and have no dental or vision insurance.

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Is General Motors a good company to work for?

GM has been a great company to work for so far. Both the benefits and the people have all been very good, compensation is great, and I have made a lot of friends both young and old. Company culture is collaborative, but due to the number of people can feel very corporate.

What skills do general managers need?

General Manager Requirements:

  • Degree in business management or a masters in business administration.
  • Good knowledge of different business functions.
  • Strong leadership qualities.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Highly organized.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.

What is starting pay at GM?

The typical General Motors (GM) Assembly Line Worker salary is $23 per hour. Assembly Line Worker salaries at General Motors (GM) can range from $11 – $35 per hour.

Does GM ask for SSN?

As a general practice, employers should request a SSN from an applicant only when absolutely necessary. For example, when conducting a background check before an offer of employment, an employer can collect a SSN on a separate background check authorization form rather than the employment application.

How long is the General Motors hiring process?

The hiring process is typically 6 to 8 weeks.

Why should I work for General Motors?

At General Motors, we aspire to be the most inclusive company in the world. We believe that diversity in all of its dimensions, including diversity of thought and experience, creates a stronger workforce and promotes fresh, innovative thinking.

How do I become a general manager?

How to become a General Manager

  1. Complete a Bachelor degree in business administration or a related area.
  2. Consider completing an advanced degree, such as a Graduate Certificate in Business or Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  3. Gain experience across the organisation, particularly managing people and processes.
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How do you become a GM at a dealership?

General managers should have at least two years of dealership sales and five years in a supervisory position. Experience in other dealership departments is a plus. They must have strong leadership and organizational skills, and the ability to understand profit and loss statements and manage a large, diverse staff.

Does GM pay every week?

What is the rate of pay? They are paid weekly. What is the amount paid for relocation assistance? Most employees are salaried.

Does General Motors pay weekly or biweekly?

Hourly employees, weekly or biweekly. Biweekly direct deposit. You get paid at the end( 30th/31st) and middle (15th) of each month.

Do temporary GM employees get benefits?

Temporary Employee of 4 years You’ll be breaking your body down day by day and not receive full benefits or pay. Do not quit your full time job for GM, because You will never be hired on permanently. We are currently working 7 days a week..

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